When You’re Always “In Between”.

Foundation matching is one task that is not easy to accomplish, especially if you’re one that has that “in between” shade…ESPECIALLY if you have true yellow or olive undertones. You know the deal….foundations are usually too pink/red/orange/gray…then when you find the perfect undertone, it’s too light. Thennnnn you have to mix two foundation shades to get your perfect match…or close to it. That can get pretty costly and quite frankly, it’s pretty annoying.

Welllllllll….Monika Deol, who is a Canadian-raised (Indian-born) former TV host, actress and model created a brand called STELLAR Beauty.  She felt that women who fall in the medium section of the global range of skin tones (usually Hispanic, Latino, African-American, Aboriginal, South East Asian, Filipino, Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, West and East Indian) didn’t have enough options. Some may disagree, but I’m with Monika for reasons that I just stated above. Although medium shades in a foundation range exist, it usually lacks the nuances. We are way more than “warm” or “cool”. It’s not that simple. Monika gets it. Thankfully. She provides foundation shades that range from fair to dark, but pays attention specifically to the medium range. She not only created foundations but also concealers, powders, blushes and lipsticks!

I came across this brand on a whim while looking through the Sephora website, then had the opportunity to see it with my own eyes at the 34th Street Sephora. I was very happy to see the foundation range for myself. I swatched the closest shades to my skin and I loved what I saw:

From bottom to top: S14, S13, S12, S11, S10 and S09

Then I swatched the concealers that would be the closest to my skin color:

From bottom to top: S02, S03, S04 and S05

I went right ahead and purchased shade S14 since it’s a beautiful olive-yellow shade, that I finally didn’t have to mix!!! I rhink I like this shade better than EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Liquid Foundation! I also picked up shade S04 in their concealer. Later on, I picked up their Cosmic Face Powders in Glow2 and Haze, their Cosmic Blush in Flare and their lipstick in Super Sonic 2. ‘More on those products in a moment. First, let’s talk about the Limitless Foundation.

The Limitless Foundation is described as “a natural looking, oil free, foundation that gives you true coverage and a luminous finish. This highly pigmented lightweight formula builds and blends effortlessly and reduces the appearance of discoloration for more uniform skin. It is ultimate radiance for your complexion.” This foundation comes in 22 shades (more will be added in the future) and also in several different undertones, which I REALLY appreciate! I swatched 14 out of the 22 shades, and here you’ll see the differences I’m talking about.

As you can see, they don’t necessarily go in a specific “order” meaning light to dark. There’s just variances in the undertones. A group of them are the same depth. This is why doing searches on swatches or (even more importantly) getting color-matched in the store is vital. The wrong undertone can have you looking…off. It’s tiresome to make a foundation shade work by tweaking it via mixing. I’d much rather just get the right undertone. Here’s a description of the foundation shades:

S01 (very fair with yellow undertones)

S02 (very fair with pink undertones)

S03 (fair with light peach undertones)

S04 (fair with strong peach undertones)

S05 (light medium with yellow undertones)

S06 (light medium with peach/red undertones)

S07 (light medium with golden yellow undertones)

S08 (medium with pink undertones)

S09 (light/medium with yellow undertones)

S10 (medium with golden/red undertones)

S11 (medium with strong peach undertones)

S12 (medium with olive undertones)

S13 (medium with beige olive undertones)

S14 (medium with yellow undertones) <— My shade.

S15 (medium with red undertones)

S16 ( medium with olive undertones)

S17 (medium brown with yellow olive undertones)

S18 (medium with yellow undertones)

S19 (medium dark with peach undertones)

S20 (deep with yellow undertones)

S21 (deep with red undertones)

S22 (deep with dark olive undertones)


‘Very nice range for just starting out! As you can see, there are shades for fair and very deep/dark skin, but her main focus is the medium range. So here’s my personal thoughts on this foundation…


As you can see, it is a plastic bottle that comes with a pump. (Yay, for pumps!) I must say, do not go by how the packaging looks to determine your shade. The bottle has a frosty appearance which causes the shade to look distorted. Pump the foundation onto your hand to see the shade.

Consistency: It has somewhat of a runny consistency but not like a serum foundation. ‘Quite easy to work with.

Application: At first I thought this foundation does not provide enough coverage…well, that’s because I was using a Beauty Blender! Beauty Blenders actually help foundations to apply sheerer, and since the Limitless Foundation is water-based…using a Beauty Blender was not the best idea! Instead, I use a dense foundation brush and voila!…more coverage and smooth application! It is best to use a brush to apply this foundation. You can use your fingers, too. ‘Anything but a sponge! The foundation does not look cakey, no matter how many layers I applied.

Shade: As previously stated, I am the shade S14 which is perfect! I love that it is truly a yellow-olive shade and didn’t turn orange on me. I super love that I didn’t have to mix shades to have a match.

Longevity: This foundation has pretty good longevity! I have worn it without a primer and with a primer and it still performs quite lovely. It does fade a bit by my nose, but that’s because I’m always using tissues due to my ever-runny nose! Other than that, it’s a hit! My T-zone likes to show itself, but all I have to do is blot and keep it moving!


And now the Limitless Concealer, which is described as “a lightweight, buildable, creamy concealer that expertly covers dark circles and lines while brightening the eye contour, providing ultimate under eye radiance. It reduces the appearance of discoloration for more even uniform skin and creates a softer, smoother and seamless surface. This highly-pigmented, lightweight formula blends effortlessly.” This concealer comes in six shades. Not many, but at least I was able to find my shade. The purpose for me was only to counteract the darkness under my eyes. I barely use concealer on the rest of my face, if ever! Just like the foundation, this concealer doesn’t go in order from light to dark, it also is about the undertones. Here’s the description of the shades:

S01 (fair with yellow undertones)

S02 (fair with pink undertones)

S03 (light/medium with yellow undertones)

S04 (medium with peach undertones)

S05 (medium with yellow undertones)

S06 (deep with yellow/olive undertones)

Check out swatches I did of this concealer to see. I did the full range this time.:


I can see how the fairer skin tones won’t find a match with this concealer. The lightest shade would be too dark. However…keep in mind of Monika Deol’s target consumers. Here’s my thoughts on this concealer…

Packaging….First, take a look:

Shade S04

It’s your average shaped dome applicator. Pretty feasible to me.

Consistency: It’s a very blendable formula. Despite it being more full coverage, it isn’t a difficult formula at all!

Application: At first I had issues with the coverage, but just like the foundation I found that it’s better to apply it not using a sponge. Also, I apply it to the area I’m trying to cover and then let it sit for a little bit…then blend. I stipple the concealer to keep the coverage full. ‘Works just fine!

Shade: As mentioned in the caption of the packaging, I am shade S04 which is pretty much spot on. I love that despite the undertones being peach, it doesn’t look straight up orange and it helps to counteract the darkness of my eye area.

Longevity: Once I set this with powder, it stays until I remove it.


And now the Cosmic Face Powder:

This is described as “an invisible formula that enhances natural radiance and sets makeup leaving a flawless finish and beaming glow. Enhance foundation while visibly blurring the appearance of fine lines and pores. This silky powder adjusts to various sources of light throughout the day and night. Skin is left visibly smooth, soft and luxurious to the touch. It helps regulate shine and impeccably sets foundation.” 

My thoughts on these powders:

Packaging: Sleek-looking and simple! Just how I usually like the packaging to be, these days. It’s a jar you screw open and inside is a puff (that I actually use) and that can be used to apply the powder to the face. ‘Does a good job, too. I love to set my foundation by pressing the powder into my skin. Leaving the puff in the jar helps the powder not to get everywhere, every time you open it.

Consistency: The powder is very finely milled. I love it. I believe it’s even more finely-milled than MUFE’s HD Microfinish loose powder. It doesn’t look powdery (given that you didn’t apply too much). It blends very well onto the skin.

Application: This applies like a dream since it is so finely-milled. I don’t have issues with patchiness, chalkiness or dryness.


From left to right: Glow 2 and Haze

As stated above, I have and wear the shade Glow 2, which is the only yellow shade out of the four powders. The yellow shade is wonderful for my complexion. It blends so nicely with the S14 foundation shade. I also have this powder in the shade Haze which is supposed to be the “universal” shade. It appears to be white but if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s actually a lavender-pink tint. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture that in photos.) I apply Haze sparingly because it’s not hard to obtain a white cast with this powder. Stellar recommends that you apply Haze sparingly, anyway. It’s a finishing powder more than a setting powder. (The other three shades, Glow 1- Glow 2- and Glow 3 are the actual setting powders.) Haze does a great job blurring pores and lines. It truly is a filter in a jar.

Longevity: These powders do a great job keeping everything in place. Love it!!! This works very well for my combo-oily skin. I highly recommend this powder for oilier skin types! Setting it with a puff really helps with longevity. Since the Limitless Foundations provides a more dewy/radiant finish, this powder will help with your face never looking like you can fry chicken on it.


And now the Cosmic Blush

I was able to swatch all three shades:

This is described as “a silky texture in beautiful hues that enlivens a complexion. A light application leaves a natural looking fresh glow. The formula is buildable and blends seamlessly for a perfectly polished, dewy look.” 

Packaging…it’s pretty cute. Check it out:

Consistency: It is a very fine powder and it doesn’t apply chalky, which is a plus!

Application: It applies quite smoothly and it leaves a luminous finish, which I love! Sometimes you just want your skin to glow. I did find that you have to add a couple/few layers for it to show up.

Shade: I have the shade Flare which reminds me of NARS’ blush in Orgasm. I love this shade for my complexion.

Longevity: Although this is a beautiful shade, and I love the luminosity it provides….unfortunately, I don’t find this very long-lasting. :-/


And lastly, the Infinite Lipstick which is described as “a luxurious, full-coverage, creamy lipstick that glides on like silk. With a single stroke, your lips will be left with beautiful long-lasting color. Buildable coverage allows you to decide what look you want – natural and luminous or an intense illusion of fullness. Thoughtfully curated shades offer each complexion a customized look.”



Consistency: This formula is just like described, a creamy formula that glides on like silk.

Application: It applies very nicely and is quite opaque for it being so creamy.

Shade: I only have the shade Sonic 2 which is a tangerine shade that compliments my complexion very well. Sometimes, orange shades don’t look all that great. STELLAR Beauty managed to handle that.

Here’s me wearing the shade, Sonic 2:

Longevity: It has pretty good lasting qualities. It does come off a bit when you eat, but you have to remember…it doesn’t operate like a liquid lipstick, so it’s not Teflon. That’s fine because that lets me know my lips won’t have Sahara Desert swag.

As always, I will show how these products look on my face…starting with my bare face. Again, don’t scream. One day I won’t look like a human raccoon anymore:

I’m not naked. I’m wearing a strapless romper. lol


Then I added the Limitless Foundation:

It doesn’t even look like I put on any foundation. That’s how well-matched this foundation is. It gives me a very even-toned look…which is the purpose of foundation!


Then the Limitless Concealer on my under-eye area:

Instant brightness!

Then set with the Cosmic Face Powder in Glow 2:

Dewy/Radiant finish, be gone!


Then I added Cosmic Blush in Flare and completed the rest of my face:

For my lips, I’m wearing Coloured Raine’s “Oh La La” liquid lipstick.

Here’s the other days I wore the Limitless foundation, along with the concealer and setting powder in Glow 2:

Oh, I forgot to mention…I met Monika Deol herself at the World Trade Center Sephora:

It was nice meeting her. Thank you Monika for sharing tips on how to correctly use your products, the lipstick color recommendation and sharing some sneak peeks at what’s coming in the future! 😉

So, that wraps it up for my post on STELLAR Beauty! I highly recommend this company (especially the foundation) if you’re a member of the “In Between Brigade”. You can purchase these products on Sephora’s website and/or select Sephora stores.

2 thoughts on “When You’re Always “In Between”.

  1. Thank you for such a detailed post with lots of swatches, before/after pictures. WOW! This is so helpful Erin!!!
    The days of NW45/50 are over!!
    We need more choices for the in-between and Stellar fills a great void!!


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