Kat Von D Beauty – Lock-It Brightening Powder

Several months ago, Kat Von D released a loose setting powder designed specifically for the under eye area. They come in three shades which are: Petal– powder pink shade (for fair skin tones), Peach– warm bisque shade (for medium skin tones) and Golden– banana yellow shade (for tan to deeper skin tones).

So…since I’m pretty much a setting powder fiend, I had to check it out…off course…and yep, I purchased all three shades. It comes in 8.1 grams, so yes…it’s pretty small…but here’s the thing…whenever you see a product small in size, chances are it’s small for a reason. The reason being that you don’t have to use a lot of it, especially since it’s designed to be applied to only a small part of the face.

So, here’s my thoughts:

Consistency: This powder is not as finely-milled as their Lock-It Setting Powder. It has the traditional powder texture (i.e. Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder). Despite that, it does have a smooth texture. No chalkiness, whatsoever! It also doesn’t “pill”.

Application: It applies pretty smoothly. You can use either a sponge or a brush. I usually use their Lock-It Precision powder brush #25, which fits like a glove underneath my eye. Again… you do not need to pack it on like crazy. One thing, though…I noticed that it does have some flashback issues. I believe this can be solved by using a setting spray or something like MAC’s Fix + (which is NOT a setting spray, but it adds moisture). ‘But please do keep in mind of the flashback note. The powder does not settle into fine lines (yay for the 30+ ladies) and makes the under-eye area look very smooth. For those who have dry skin or a very dry under-eye area…proceed with caution, but anything is possible with a good eye cream or moisturizer!

Shade: All three shades have color-correcting properties and they do brighten! Because of the color-correcting properties, you can actually skip concealer and use this to color-correct the under eye area. (It really depends on how deep your under-eye area is.) For me, the shade Peach does this the best since I have a very dark brown under-eye area. (Anything pink/peach/coral/orange/red will color correct anything dark brown or areas with a blue undertone.) Petal is very light in shade (no surprise since it’s for fair skin), so I have to apply it quite sparingly. Golden definitely brightens my under-eye area. I always use concealer before using Golden, since yellow alone does not cancel out my under-eye area. Another thing to note: you can also use this powder to set the rest of your face…but I think it’s more worth it to use this as designed. Since I have the “most foundations look orange/pink/red on me syndrome”, Golden works nicely to make the foundation shade more yellow. In terms of shading (light vs. dark)… they’re all light. You will see what I mean, in a bit.

Longevity: This powder pretty much lasts all day  (or until you remove it). No concealer will crease with this stuff! Long-lasting smoothness all. day. long!

Here’s a swatch of all three shades on my hand:

“Petal” looks almost paper white on my skin, but there is a pink tint. You can most definitely see the peach in “Peach” and the yellow in “Golden”.  ‘But do you all see what I mean by the shades being “light”, right?! So with all that stated…I wonder how it would look on dark and deep skin tones.


Here’s how the powders look on my face. I was going to only have photos of how Peach and Golden look on my under-eye area, but I decided to quickly apply concealer and then Petal on top to take a new set of photos. Hahaha! This was due to having this post in my drafts for longer than I’d like to admit.

So let’s first with Peach:

How many times have you seen THIS photo?! 🙃

And here’s how Golden looks on my under-eye area:

This shade works very well with my undertone.

And here’s Petal:

I first applied EX1 Cosmetics Delete concealer in D300 and then applied Petal on top. Not TOO bad, here.
This is Petal in natural lighting…and you can see the ash factor. No, thanks. I was a bit overzealous regarding being heavy-handed…but still…no, thank you.


…Okay, so I’m gonna put this out there and show how the three shades look with flash.😣

First, Peach:

This doesn’t look horrible. In my opinion, this is the most “doable” flashback ever. LOL


…Then Golden:

YIKES!!! (I did a little bit of “baking” with this, since the company says that you can. You can also see the flashback from applying it under my contour. No bueno.)

….and thennnnnnnn Petal *takes a deep breath*:

Should I even further comment?

Keep in mind that I used my iPhone to take these photos. Using the flash of an iPhone is not really the best way to test if a product has flashback or not, because the iPhone flash doesn’t function like a traditional camera flash…HOWEVER, these photos are something that should be noted. Also, I used the precision powder brush, so can you imagine if I did some serious baking with this powder?! Lawdamercy.

I also wanted to show how Peach works alone as a color corrector. So here’s my skin completely free of makeup:

I am a human raccoon.

And here’s how Peach looks directly applied over my under-eye darkness (no concealer):

As you can see, it covered pretty much 85% of my under-eye and lid darkness. ‘Definitely brightened the area…not bad for only using powder.


Bottom line: Peach and Golden will only be my jam! Petal is a huge no-no (maybe I can use this as a brow highlight). I’ve seen comments (mostly reviews on Sephora and the official Kat Von D site) saying that these powders have no brightening effect, and I’m so curious as to how!!! Y’all saw the photos. I don’t know…to each his own. ‘But these powders are solid in terms of longevity and making the under-eye area look brightened and smooth. My only concern is the flashback.

I saw this really cool tip on the Kat Von D Beauty YouTube channel, which is mixing the appropriate shade of the brightening powder and the shade Pink Opal to have a nice effect. I definitely plan on trying that out since I have the Alchemist Palette.

Check it out for yourself!


Thank you for reading my thoughts! ❤

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