My Thoughts: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – Medium Deep

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or living off the grid, I’m 100% sure that you know about a cult-fave setting powder by Laura Mercier! Her original shade in “Translucent” has made major airwaves in the beauty community, even though it’s not a new powder. It has been the fave of many makeup artists and enthusiasts, however some ladies (ahem….the ones with more “pigmentation”) were not able to enjoy it like everyone else, due to this shade leaving an ashy cast. Laura Mercier recently came out with a brand new shade called “Medium Deep” which is just like the name says, for medium to deep skin tones.

Application & Performance: I have the original Translucent shade and since I do, I can say that the Medium Deep shade works EXACTLY like the Translucent. There literally is no difference in terms of performance. It sets makeup beautifully, has good oil-control properties and doesn’t leave the skin looking cakey. I usually use a brush to apply this powder (which is a breeze) but using a puff is also ideal, especially being that the company suggests applying their powder using a puff (sparingly). ‘Very different from how we see most pack it on like mad, eh?!

Shade: This is a warm-toned powder that is supposed to be translucent for medium to deep skin tones, but I find that it does have some color payoff. To be fair, the powder is translucent…not a no-color powder like RCMA. Translucent powders do have pigment. Although this product is marketed towards all medium to deep skins, those with yellow to olive undertones may have an issue with the warmth. It can come off on the verge of being orange on the skin, and I also found that this shade is too dark for medium skin tones. ‘Definitely more suitable for deeply-tanned and dark skin. I AM happy that there is an option for the deep/dark-skinned woman, being that they’re usually left out.  One tip I can give is that this powder is great for moments when you find that your foundation is too light. It gives it that beautiful warmth that prevents you from looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost. ‘Same for when your highlight (under the eye) is too light.

To give you a visual of what I mean in terms of the shade of Medium Deep, here are some photos to show the product:


The powder does have a bit of a golden tone to it, so I know this will work for me when I get my deep tan (usually from vacation).

I also did a comparison shot between both shades. Check ’em out:

You can see how ashy the original Translucent shade looks on me. The Medium Deep shade looks like it blends right into my skin, but trust that it’s a little too warm. It would be wonderful if Laura Mercier released a middle shade that is more yellow/golden-toned. That would most likely sell out like hotcakes. I tried mixing the Translucent and Medium Deep together…and I have to be honest and say that I’m not a fan. I didn’t even bother to apply it to my face. No ma’am. I will say that I DO like how it looks mixed with Sacha Cosmetics Matte Face Powder in the shade “Warm Beige”, which is a very yellow-toned powder.

This is how Medium Deep looks on me (in several photos from two different days…I applied sparingly in fear of looking orange):

Then, the next time I wore it (both days I used this powder to deepen or give more warmth to my foundation, which was a lil’ too light):

Overall: As stated before, this works JUST like the original shade which means that I like the powder a lot. Unfortunately I cannot use Medium Deep by itself at the moment. I either have to mix it with a yellow-toned powder or wait until I go up several shades. I do highly recommend this powder to all the deep tanned and dark-skinned beauties out there! Please do check this out, right here!!

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