New hair, who dis?

Sooooooo, as you all know I’ve been rockin’ dreadlocks. I have been toying with the idea of cutting my locs and rockin’ a short hairdo (although still natural). I then had thoughts of me feeling remorse due to growing my hair so long and then chopping it all of, and then dismissed the idea of cutting my hair. It only lasted for a bit because the “itch” kept coming back. After a while, I randomly decided to do the Big Chop. I literally left work and walked in a barbershop to cut my hair and went straight home. My mom and brother were shocked. LOL. When I make moves like this, I am usually silent. Here’s how it turned out:

Before going to the barber to cut my locs, I looked on the Internet for different salons I can go to…but I was not in the mood to pay so much money. I’m glad I stuck with going to a barber, because barbers pretty much do the same thing for a much affordable price. ‘Best move I made! I loved how it turned out, but I must go back in time for a little bit. When I still had my locs…towards the end of my loc journey, I noticed that my roots felt softer than usual. Some of my hair felt very smooth and I was wondering what was happening. I chalked it up to the weight of my locs pulling my hair down and that’s why it gave my hair the appearance of a “looser” texture. So, fast forward to after me getting the Big Chop…I washed my hair the morning after the cut and I thought my kinks/naps were going to come right back, but…they didn’t. I realized that I had a brand new hair texture. Okay, not BRAND new but pretty new. I had actual curls on the top of my head! I have about four textures on my head. The hair on the sides of my head  were always the tightest (the nappiest) and they still were…but they were still looser than before. I don’t know what the heck happened, but whatever. The point of natural hair is accepting what comes out of your head regardless of the texture…and right now, curls/coils is what’s coming out of my head.

I loved my newfound hair texture, but I was not excited about the comments that were to come. I knew people would be shocked about my hair cut…what I wasn’t anticipating were the “Good Hair” type of comments. I don’t subscribe to that foolishness, so I don’t consider “You have good hair” to be a compliment. It didn’t take very long to receive those type of comments, because the very next day I heard “Do you have Indian in your family?” *insert eye roll* Seriously, folks?! It’s 2017!!!! I shared with a family member that I wanted to experiment with short cuts by getting precision cuts or the sort. She told me that I shouldn’t do it because precision cuts aren’t feminine, and that my hair is curly (meaning you have “good hair”, so no need to do that)

Image result for blank stare

…okay…clearly she doesn’t know what a precision cut is, because it has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity. It literally means what it’s called…a type of cut that’s very precise. LOL. Precision cuts are pretty dope. Here’s some examples:

Image result for precision cuts black womenThe Slay ❤️✂️ @hairby_lisapadilla | #dopecut #shorthairdontcare #stunner #thecutlifeImage result for natural hair short cuts

Image result for natural hair short cutsImage result for natural hair short cutsImage result for natural hair short cutsImage result for natural hair short cutsImage result for natural hair short cutsImage result for natural hair short cuts

Image result for natural hair short cuts

Dope, right?! Who would object to someone else wanting to look fly? LOL. Anywho, yes…speaking of dope cuts, follow The Cut Life’s IG account if you need some inspiration for dope hair cuts…or just looking at hair pics!

So far, it’s been almost a month since I’ve rocked my short hair and I’m LOVING IT. Here’s how it looks now:


There has been times when I looked at pics of my long locs and felt somewhat nostalgic…but I was indeed ready to move on. I really feel like I made a great decision. It’s the best way for me to rock my hair at this time in my life (I’ve been quite busy adjusting to my new job.) My hair has already grown since my cut (it grows quite fast), albeit still short. I’m not even interested in having a huge fro…I am loving short hair THAT much! Now, I’m find myself heading towards hair product junkie territory! Uh oh! BUT…it’s not like how it was before when I had loose natural hair. I know which products to use now and I will be rotating between three different companies. (I will get into that in a future post.)

I never got the chance to really experiment with short hair cuts, even though this is my FOURTH big chop! Now I have the chance…and I will be having lots of fun! Stay tuned! 😉


6 thoughts on “New hair, who dis?

  1. I am late to the party but yes Congratulations Erin! Your short cut looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how you experiment with your hair! My texture has also changed over the years …

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