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I want to talk about a brand that’s not very well-known, but I’m glad I came across it. EX1 Cosmetics is a brand created by biochemist, Farah Naz who had difficulty finding makeup that suited her skin tone (welcome to the club). She along with other scientists across Europe created a range of products that caters to those who have very yellow to olive undertones. You know that makes me happy, since my skin color is a shade that most companies don’t want to make. (I’ve discussed this before on my former blog. I think I’m going to do a more detailed post about this.) In her line, she provides foundations in liquid and powder forms…along with pressed powders, concealers and blushes!

Over time, I purchased several of her products from this company…but first, let’s discuss the foundations…first being the Invisiwear Liquid Foundation! It originally came in five shades (F100-F500) but she recently released a brand new shade range…thirteen to be exact!!! FYI: The older shades are still available.

Here’s the new shade range (and the shade descriptions):

Unfortunately, there isn’t a shade for very dark skin (ex. Alek Wek, Lupita Nyong’o, etc.), but based on what I’ve seen…I believe that most who are very dark-skinned usually have neutral undertones or slightly red undertones. Adding deeper shades than 14.0 certainly wouldn’t hurt, though!

The Invisiwear Foundation costs $16, which I believe is quite affordable. If you purchase it from LookFantastic, they always provide a discount code. It takes longer to ship than usual because it’s coming from Europe. I don’t really mind, though. You can also purchase the products from ASOS, which was recently added to the list of “Find A Store“. I purchased about four shades from this new range (don’t judge me) and they are the perfect amount of yellow and warmth. I like this range much better than the old shade range.

Here’s a description of the Invisiwear Liquid Foundation:

A lightweight and luminous liquid base, formulated with light diffusers which unify skin tone and cover imperfections effortlessly. Specially designed ‘true colour’ pigments work perfectly with your skins’ natural tones in an ultra-blendable formula.

The result? The perfect Invisiwear effect.

  • Clinically and Dermatologically tested
  • 100% Oil and Fragrance free
  • Non Comedogenic

I say the description is pretty accurate! Here’s the packaging of this lovely foundation:


Here are swatches of the four shades I purchased:


Do you see the yellow/olive goodness??????

In another light…

ex1found3 ex1found4

As you can see…NONE of these shades lean orange, pink or red!

I’ve noticed something that companies do. There’s always a section of a foundation shade range where there’s a big jump between one shade to another, and it’s evident in the above photos regarding shades 11.0 and 13.0.

I’m currently the shade 11.0 and it. is. perfect!!! The undertones are spot on and I couldn’t be more happier. I’m still in the process of my tan fading, so I know I’ll be 10.0 in about a month or so. I’m just so pleased…I’m so thankful this exists. LOL. Props to Farah Naz!

Okay, so the performance of this foundation…when I first purchased this foundation (in the old shade range)…I again did not have full knowledge in reference to application, so I don’t remember having a lot of success. I can report that today that I had much more success with wearing this foundation. For my skin type, primer is necessary. It lasts all day…or at least my entire work shift, which is good! Due to my oily T-zone I do have to blot throughout the day, but after blotting it goes back to looking normal. It does oxidize a bit, but it doesn’t turn orange, which is usually the result of oxidation. In terms of application, it indeed is very blendable. I love how it looks on my skin when I apply this using a beauty blender. (You can use a brush, too.) The finish looks so natural and glowy. Even if I decide to go with applying at least two layers onto my skin, the cakey look is never apparent! In terms of coverage…because of my obsession with full coverage, I wish it were more full coverage (even though I don’t really need full coverage, except on my under-eye area). However, you can get medium coverage with this foundation…and it’s buildable! I was actually very impressed with the coverage. All in all…this foundation is most definitely a keeper! I am covered.

Now the powder foundation, which is called Pure Crushed Mineral Foundation…it’s a loose powder foundation that ranges in only five shades. I don’t know if there will be a wider range coming out in the future, but this is what it currently is. Just like the original range of the liquid foundation, this range is M100-M500. Here’s the description of the foundation:

Pure crushed mineral base, for women who want an uber-natural, minimalist look. Finely milled minerals buff into skin like a dream, providing light, sheer coverage that looks fresh and flawless. Contains antioxidants and Vitamin E. Talc, bismuth and fragrance free.

  • Clinically and Dermatologically tested
  • 100% Oil and Fragrance free
  • Non Comedogenic
  • Talc and Bismuth free
  • 100% Mineral Based, no fillers

This is also accurate because it is very natural-looking…maybe too natural. LOL. This is definitely what I’d consider a sheer foundation…much less coverage than the liquid foundation, although I think if you use a beauty blender (or even a Real Techniques sponge) you can get decent coverage. For those of you that desire at least a solid medium coverage, this probably wouldn’t suit you. I have used this foundation and it looks good, but I like at least a medium-coverage foundation. ‘Still a decent product, though! You can also use this over the liquid foundation. One con about this product….the scent is so…”grandma”. It has a perfume scent, but its fragrance-free. *shrugs* The scent isn’t there once you put it on your face, so that’s good.

Here is the packaging:


I have shades M300, M400 and M500 swatched on my hand:


They appear to be slightly different in undertone and they also a jump in shades. M300 is very light next to M400. Powders tend to darken when worn, so keep that in mind.

Next are the pressed powders…which is called Invisiwear Compact Powder. This is also a nice product. Very lightweight and natural looking. Here’s the description of the product:
Feather light and ultra-finely milled, EX1’s pressed powder is the ultimate skin finisher. Swirled over the skin it delivers just a hint of colour and offers lasting shine control, for a perfectly groomed look every time.

  • Clinically and Dermatologically tested
  • 100% Oil and Fragrance free
  • Non Comedogenic

EX1 seems to be very accurate with descriptions, LOL. I believe it’s best to use a brush to apply this, because if you use a sponge to set the liquid foundation with this, it definitely adds color and it even darkened it a bit. (Using a sponge does pack on more product. I just prefer to use a no-color powder to do this or using a light-colored loose powder.) So, using a fluffy brush will do the trick. I will say that it is true that it leaves a beautiful finish. EX1 hinted that there will be a wider range of shades coming soon, which makes me very happy because…three shades? Seriously?!

Here’s how it (P300) looks:

img_2958 img_2962

Now, the concealer…which is called Delete concealer. Boyyyyy, did I make a mistake writing off this concealer. At first I thought it sucked, so I threw it into my bin of products and didn’t touch it for a lonnnng time. I used it very recently and it gave me the perfect amount of coverage! (…In Today’s episode of “Human Error, Not Product Error”!) I was surprised that it worked on my under-eye area. It is a yellow shade, so I originally thought it wouldn’t cancel out anything…but I guess because my undertones are olive, it works. I scooped out a good amount of the product out of the packaging, and this is when I discovered that a little goes a long way. That’s good news because the product itself is small. I do think that some sort of primer should go underneath. It needs something adhere to, to prevent creasing.

Here’s how it looks:

img_2556 img_2557-1


And swatched:

Full coverage goodness!

It’s currently a little too light for my liking (but it works really well if I want to “highlight”), so I recently purchased the deepest shade which is D300. Here’s how it looks:

ex1d3002 ex1d300

In terms of the shade range of the concealers…again, the shade range needs to be wider. I’m not sure what the darker skin tones are supposed to do about D300 being the darkest shade. SMH. Despite all of that, the product itself is good and it will permanently be in my collection. (Edited to add: EX1 just announced that they will release new shades of this concealer very soon. YAY!!!)


…and I have every single shade of the blushes. It comes in four shades – Jet Set Glow, Natural Flush, Pretty In Peach and Love Story. Farah Naz came through once again with the shade range, because these shades are very suitable for olive undertones. Each blush provides good pigmentation, applies easily and is long lasting. I’ve currently been wearing the hell out of Jet Set Glow, which surprises me because I thought this shade would be too light (therefore ashy)…and that was not the case. It ends up looking like a bronzy-pink color on my cheeks. So pretty!

Here’s the beautiful blushes:

img_2963 img_2964


And here’s how they look swatched on my hand:


Here’s a FOTD of my face using all EX1 products:

I used the Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in 11.0 to set the foundation the Invisiwear Compact Powder in P300, the Delete concealer in D300 under the eye area and the blush in "Natural Flush".

I used the Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in 11.0, the Invisiwear Compact Powder in P300 to set the foundation, the Delete concealer in D300 under the eye area and one of the blushes in “Natural Flush”.


So, bottom line…great line of products. ‘Very inexpensive (in my opinion)…and a dream for us who have difficulty finding a match. All of the products work well together and I look forward to seeing what this company brings in the future. I highly recommend EX1 Cosmetics!

❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Exactly! People swear that we only have red undertones. Darker-skinned women range in many undertones and there’s a richness to our hues. With most companies, the darker foundation shades usually aren’t well-calibrated. I’m happy that some companies are stepping up to the plate.

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