So…about Medium 62.

I mentioned before in a previous post about Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation that the shade Medium 62 was reeeeeeally off in shade. I’m not sure if the formula was reformulated (the company claims that it’s the same formulation, despite the new packaging)…but this shade looks much better these days. As I’ve also stated in the previous post…today, I have better knowledge of how to apply products. That also could be why things worked out better this time.

Here’s the packaging…

As you can see, mine is the old packaging. LOL. Since Medium 62 is an original shade, the old packaging still exists. I imagine that the next batch of the original shades will have the new packaging. The newly-released thirteen shades have the new packaging, though.

Here’s how the shade looks:


As you can see….it IS warm, but still a golden undertone. It works for me currently, but let’s say in the Spring time…it will be too warm and too dark. My skin color gets cooler as my tan fades. It would be wonderful if Kat Von D created more shades that are yellow/olive, but the closest I’ve seen to my complexion (without a tan) is the shade Medium 57 which is described as “medium golden with warm undertone”.

While at Sephora one day, I did a swatch and you can see how yellow Medium 57 is. I plan to purchase it in the future. Here’s how it looks:

Medium 57 – Medium 58 – Medium 62

As you can see in the above photo Medium 57 is quite yellow in undertone, which will be quite a good match for my skin. You also can see how much warmer Medium 62 is compared to 57 although they both have yellow/golden undertones. Medium 58 is also a good shade, but I don’t see the point in purchasing that shade when it will be worn for only two weeks. LOL.

Here’s how it looks on my skin:


My skin looked so glowy, here.


img_1618 img_1678-1

The shade looked a bit odd here, and I think that’s because of my purple eye shadow. :-/

In those pics, I used Kat Von D’s Lock-It Setting Powder to set this foundation. In the upcoming pictures, I used Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Setting Powder in the shade Soft Custard (which is for medium to deep with olive undertones.) The Cinema Secrets powder definitely mattifies, so don’t overdo it. (A lesson I had to learn. You’ll see why…):

img_1809 img_1811 img_1812

The shade looks PERFECT here.
The shade looks PERFECT here.

I also want to update on what works better (for me) in terms of skin prep. I was using Kat Von D’s Hydrating Primer, which is very nice. I love the clean scent. However…I found that Hourglass’ Mineral Veil Primer works so much better underneath the Lock-It Foundation. The Mineral Veil Primer is designed for oily skin anyway, but I wasn’t sure how it would work underneath this foundation. To be honest, I didn’t even think to use this primer. Although it’s wonderful that I found what primer works best, it sucks how much it costs. LOL. See for yourself. Yea…definitely something you have to invest in. LOL.

So, that’s my update regarding the Lock-It Foundation. Yes, I’m still riding on the #LockItRevolution train!

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