Nails Of The Month: Bubble Bath

This time I went shorter in length and decided to keep it neutral-looking in color with a tad of “bling”. I just love this pinky-nude color by OPI named Bubble Bath.

I think I prefer this length on me. I just love it! Very practical (for work, especially) and “classy”-looking…which have been suiting my tastes lately. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nails Of The Month: Bubble Bath

  1. Very pretty. I wish I could wear OPI polish. It just doesn’t agree with rock hard nails. I purchased Kerry Washington’s collection just because I like Scandal.


    1. I can’t rock with regular polish (on my fingernails), but gel color does it’s thang. LOL.

      I love Kerry’s collection! The colors are beautiful and suit Women of Color. I actually should get some shades for a pedicure. LOL. Thanks for the reminder.

      (I like Scandal too, by the way.)


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