Enter Gunmetal. 

“Gunmetal” is Melt Cosmetics’ newest eye shadow stack and of course I purchased it, because I am a fan of their eye shadow stacks. This stack consists of four shades that would make a glitzy-glam type of smokey eye.

Here’s a description of each shade:

HARSH STONE WHITE – A glittery champagne white. The softness, the glide , the pigmentation, is out of this world!

ASSIMILATE – The perfect deep taupe to pair with this glittery stack , it reminds us of delicious hot cocoa! Beautiful in this palette as a transition or “blending color” the color and is as rich and smooth as our other ultra matte shades in our line.

INDUSTRIAL – A glittery grey brown. We love pairing this metallic shadow with our Rust red staple colors. Perfect for any smoked eye look!

GUN METAL- This gorgeous blue black – metallic shadow is ultra pigmented and soft. We’ve never made something this gorgeous and glittery

The descriptions of each shade are pretty accurate. They are also quite pretty. This is the perfect stack for those nights out when you want some sparkle on your eyes, but don’t want to use glitter!

without flash
with flash


Here’s the shadows swatched on my hand!:

Harsh Stone White, Assimilate, Industrial and Gunmetal

So, my thoughts…well…I think these shadows are “universal” for the MOST part…however Harsh Stone White may be a lil’ too harsh on dark skin tones. You can see how light it is even on MY skin. (I still love the golden hue in this eye shadow, though.) It is indeed a pigmented eye shadow. Assimilate is actually a very nice color to use as a transition color, and it does go very well with the darker shades in this stack to blend them out…but I can see people with warmer skin tones having issues with this. It is VERY cool-toned and I can see this looking ashy on dark skin. This is also the least pigmented eye shadow of the stack. I can see this being used as a contouring shade (if you’re into that). The last two shades, Industrial and Gunmetal will work for pretty much anyone! The glittery shadows are the bomb when applied wet! The shadows in the above pic I swatched dry, so imagine them wet! I love how it looks when applied wet, and it brings out the shadows even more. I’m not 100% sure but the sparkles might have been responsible for my eyes watering (it’s actually my left eye)…however, it also could be my mascara and/or eyeliner. I’m gonna go with the sparkles in the shadows, though. My eyes are sensitive, so don’t let that turn you away from these beauties. I recommend this for you smokey eye lovers! ❤

I wanted to show you looks I’ve done using these shadows, just in case you weren’t quite sure how to use them on your lids.

Let’s go in the order of the shadows! Here’s how I used Harsh Stone White:


As you can see, I used it on the eyelids. I loved wearing it this way. I applied this shade wet.

Here’s how I used Assimilate:

Not my favorite, since my skin is too warm for this.
…but I rocked it anyway.



Here’s Industrial (which you’ve seen in a past post):

img_8930 img_8982

…and Gunmetal:

I liked this eye shadow the most!
Here, I used Melt Cosmetics’ Rubbish and Rust eye shadows from the Rust stack as transition colors. I liked this better because Rubbish and Rust are warm-toned.
*sigh* 😉

I still want to play with this stack some more. I mean..hey, why not? That’s why you purchase things like this, right?! Harsh Stone would make an interesting “highlight” whether underneath the brow or on top of the cheekbones. I look forward to further experimenting with this. 🙂

Here’s the link to purchasing this stack.

2 thoughts on “Enter Gunmetal. 

  1. You look pretty in all the colors. Thank you for the review. I was going to get this stack but I am going to stick to my rule. If I am not happy with all the colors-I must pass. I just have too much makeup


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