Nails of the Month: Mood Change

I got my nails done over the weekend and before I came to the nail salon, I didn’t really have an idea of what color I would go with this time. I ended up going with a mood changing gel. It actually changes according to temperature. I’ve used this mood changing gel two times previously (one pink and the other purple). I LOVED it because the changing of colors helps me to not become bored. LOL. This time, I used one that changes from purple to blue. It also has pink sparkles, which makes it so gorgeous! This is definitely my fave shade out of all the ones I’ve worn so far.

Here’s how it looks:


See the pink sparkles?


img_9310 img_9311 img_9313

When I was getting my nails done, I looked at the bottle so that I can do a search for it. I wondered if there were more shades, so after doing a Google search…I found this! It comes in 48 shades. (This is how I found out that the shade I’m wearing is called “Frozen Cold Spell”.)

I already have an idea what I want to do next time. Stay tuned for that. 🙂

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